TuTasa investors’ risk statement

You can find all definitions in our Terms and Conditions. TuTasa allows you to lend to many other people, with loan contracts ranging from 1 to 3 years term. TuTasa acts as your Agent, not participating in the loan contracts. Before matching your money to any borrower, we run identity, fraud and credit affordability checks. You can find further information in our FAQs.

Your money on loan is repaid in monthly instalments of capital plus interest into your TuTasa Holding Account. TuTasa doesn’t offer a secondary market where you can sell off your loan, therefore the money you have matched in loans is locked-in for the full loan term. When lending with TuTasa, your money is at risk.

Every borrower contributes to a Contingency Fund, which is designed to repay lenders in the event of a borrower default. This way the risk aims to be diversified throughout the whole loan-book, allowing a more agile and secure platform. Please note the Contingency Fund is not a guarantee and your investment is not covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

You lend money to different borrowers, aiming to diversify the individual risk of one borrower not repaying. TuTasa’s Call Centre manages collections of missed payments, arrears and defaults, following the processes described in our Debt Management Policy. The amount of income tax payable depends on your personal circumstances and might change over time.

Your money is held in a segregated bank account, administrated by us on your behalf. It’s not part of TuTasa’s assets and will not be available to our creditors in case of insolvency. We have processes in place to ensure there could be a smooth transition to our Living Will provider in case our company is wind down.